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How to correctly handle the pollution problem of domestic painting production line

At present, the exhaust gas from the domestic production line is mainly derived from the pretreatment, spray painting room, flow flat, and drying furnace. The pollutants discharged are as follows: organic solvents that can form photochemical smog; the volatilization of odorous coatings; thermal decomposition products and dust in paint fog.
The processing methods of China's coating production line are as follows:

1, the use of organic solvent or organic solvent content of low content of paint, the most effective solution to solve organic solvent pollution, as far as possible to reduce the amount of organic solvents, Jiangsu Taihe Machinery Co., Ltd. to reduce the amount of organic solvent waste gas treatment, coating equipment containing high concentration organic solvent waste gas concentration treatment, take Dilution to the atmosphere

The high concentration and small air volume of organic solvent exhaust emissions from the drying and curing furnace in the coating production line are usually treated by combustion, catalytic combustion, and adsorption methods, 2

3, the low concentration and large air volume exhaust emission from the spray painting room, most of the use of paint spray flocculant or surface active agent treatment, but now the use of activated carbon adsorption method, and the use of active carbon fiber to treat organic waste gas