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Many advantages of environmental protection electroplating

The advantages of nano mirror spray plating:
Green environmental protection
A series of environmental pollution problems (such as waste discharge and treatment of harmful heavy metals) caused by electroplating and electroplating are used to avoid the use of electroplating. The nano mirror spraying process does not have such problems. Detection of harmful heavy metals is not a safe, green and high-tech spraying technology.
Low investment and low cost
Nanocrystalline spraying is not as labour intensive as the previous plating method. Compared with electroplating, the equipment investment is small, and no need for waste water treatment system. In comparison, the cost of electroplating per square meter is 40-50 yuan, while the cost of nano mirror surface spraying is 5-19 yuan per square meter. 336 copy.Jpg
Operation safety
The nano mirror spraying equipment is simple and safe, and the operator will not injure any other place accidentally. It is suitable for automation and mass production. The nano mirror spray system is suitable for a small variety of personalized spray, also suitable for large mass production lines. We will provide customers with the equipment suitable for production, such as automation and batch, according to the needs of the customers and the diversification of the products, the operating environment and the operating conditions. Equipment for quantizing and producing lines.
Locable spray plating
The nano mirror spray plating can achieve the positioning spray plating. It can be used as the color decoration of the local spray plating, and can also spray the different colors and effects on the same product, making up for the defects of the traditional plating process that can not be localized.
The machining parts are not limited by size and shape
It is difficult to process large parts of electroplating process, while nano mirror spraying can spray products of different sizes and shapes.
Diversity of color
The spray coating technology of nano mirror spray can not only spray the chromium surface simply, but also spray all kinds of color, such as golden yellow, brass, antique golden yellow, gun copper, (red and yellow, green and blue) and so on.
Recoverable utilization
Nano mirror coated plastic products can be crushed after being discarded to achieve recycling and resource conservation.
Wide range of applications: nano mirror spray plating can be coated on metal, resin, PP+PS carbon resin, plastic, glass, ceramics, acrylic, wood, wood, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium plastic, cement and other materials. It can be widely used in automobile, electrical appliances, arts and crafts, computer mobile phones, ornaments, high-grade furniture, and other kinds of surface decoration industry, which can be born out of a variety of new industries.
Simple operation
Nanocrystalline spray plating does not require complex pre-processing, and does not need to be conductive layer.